New Update Hex code and Circuit. (16/5/2011)
As I promise in my early post. I will post a new project which has RPM indicator and plus blinking shift light. They use same schematic as my previous project but with additional 9 LED. Yes just like that. 8 led on portD (pin RD0...RD7 for RPM) and one led on Pin RC0 for shift light. It could be any color. Here is the schematic for reference.

RC2 pin can be use as blower control if you wish to connect with motor (you need Hbridge, pololu) for wind effect as it propotional to the speed of the car.( 20khz pwm). For easiness I use this protoboard from mikroE which ready built with FTDI uart to TTL chip.

The code and profile link available at the left side of this blog. (codes remove by server error). will upload soon.

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I will release the code RPM + gear indicator using pic16f887 for free. I used common cathode seven segment LED. Tested on Rfactor

Gear indicator
 click to play video..

Use FTDI cable TTL-232 5V for simple wiring setup.

Download hex code  here
More info about programmer here
USO Setup

I choose slider 21 for testing purpose.