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Electronic wiring for kubing 2DOF.
kubing microchip v1.0..

Polulu motor driver "mic in" = +5ve :)

I personaly use PIC-READY1 from Mikroelektronika. I can say this is super version of "microchip Arduino" with more I/O pin, replaceable chip. flexibility and good customer support from manufacture. since it has FTDI converter chip on board you don't need serial port anymore. And you can program the code with basic, C, pascal or assembly for other project in future.

Info..When you switch on A1 and A2, the motor spins clockwise, when you switch on B1 and B2,  The motor spins counter-clockwise. When using MOSFET with diodes across the Source and Drain, when both switches are closed and we attempt to spin the motor, back emf generated by the motor flows through the diodes and back round to the opposite terminal of the motor, thus causing it to "short" itself and hence making the motor more difficult to turn. This is known as "Regeneritive braking" and is proportional to the back emf.

Everyone who has experience to play with X-SIM sofware knows what is the meaning of USO. but what its mean to our controller? how do they see the serial signal? Kubing controller are design to capture a serial signal every time "OK" text is receive. Windows take about 2.09 milisecond to send 8 bit binary signal to controller at 19200baudrate.  In other word my controller will be interrupt and refresh every 1/500 second.  

At 32 bit data with same baudrate windows take about 3.68ms to complete a cycle which drastically reduce the refresh rate of any microcontroller about 56.8%.