Here is Microchip projects link might help us to understand and built a better motion or simulator controller.

Digital Power Supply by Sobhan Jahani Parast .With this project you can control output voltage via up and down button for advanced usage you must apply quantitative amendment in hardware and code. There is a schematic provided with the project also.  

Accelerometer-based Usb Joystick by Alex .Simple USB Joystick utilizing accelerometer for tilt sensing. It has directional axis, throttle control and three buttons.

Joystick Conversion by Roy Seifert . How to convert a game controller with an older joystick interface into a game controller with a USB interface. there have also included a .pdf file with a short article on the process with schematics.

 5 Axis 32 Button Joystick Controller by Roy Seifert.  This program creates a 5 axis, 32 button joystick controller that communicates with the PC via USB. When a switch is pressed, or a toggle switch is flipped, a pulse is sent to the PC. The length of the switch pulse is adjustable via one of the analog inputs to the PIC.

Ponyprog Circuit for AVR & PIC16F84  cheap Pic and AVR programmer

Playstation 2 Controller This project uses Mikrobasic and a PIC 16F88 to interface with a Playstation 2 game controller and grab the state of all controller buttons. The program them outputs the state of the "X" and "O" buttons on ports RA0 and RA1.

Classic PIC Programmer. The whole “F” series can be programmed. You need to use newer software, like this cool software. The PIC16F627 and PIC16F628 are 18 pin devices and fit right in the socket, but you must make a ground connection to pin 10 to prevent LVP programming, a new feature this programmer does not use. Some people suggest using a 10K resistor to ground, if you are doing in-circuit programming that probably makes sense.
Leo Bodnar BU0836A controller & Linux. A deep Questions and Answers about Leo Bodnar BU0836A/x you might want to know.