2dof setup and schematic

Download 2DOF hex code.. 
Kubing 2dof V1.3b (June 9th 2011) Code available upon request. I wish to have a respond from the users of my project. So that I can improve the code to get a better result. You can contact me for that. The new and improve version come with status Rx led and much faster motor respond. Its should work well without limit switch.

More info about programmer and usb

PIC-Ready1 with ftdi chip from Mikroelektronika seems to be a great choice since they have a great support forum and discussion about the board they produce. You also can use this board for various of project.

OR Built your own using this schematic

compitable with polulu motor driver..
more info about wiring here.
* Improve circuit with noise supression here


  1. Salam Cikgu Kubing,

    Saya mencari download link HEX fileu tk Budu_2DOF_v1.4 tapi tak jumpa, boleh postkan atau boleh kita berhubung melalui phone, sebab saya berminat dengan project ini hp saya kosong satu tiga 2844554

    Tq Cikgu

    1. web tgh update no link at the moment

  2. Great job kubing!

    There is any posibility to build the controller from Eagle file or pdf? Now I have free time to do experiments and at the moment the only comtroller I have tested is the Tronic AMC. I am searching for alternate solution for my home simulator.

    If you could send me some info, I will test the hardware and report my experience.

    Thanks and regards!

  3. No eagle or pdf. Use strip board only.