Jun 15th 2014

Last year we decide to have a 3d printer in our lab. After a few month of searching and make a little research we finally found this  It has a very rigid design with wooden frame reinforce.

We are lucky enough to have ultra low price supplier bought it for only USD295 + shipping. After 2 weeks of waiting the printer finally get to our school.

The first impression of the packaging is good.!! but then read the full story... :)

Can't wait to unboxing the packaging. Seems good so far since it was ship from China mainland to Malaysia. 

All wooden frame are nicely place at the bottom of the box. We are looking for manual to assemble this printer. Guess what? we can't find any booklet or manual in box. Not even a paper!!. After payment we received instruction manual via email attachment but that was for another version of printer Prusa i2 if not mistaken. So we start to use Mr Google to find out the user assembly manual for this version of the printer. 55% of instruction  to assemble this printer are by guessing and engineering sense. The seller are very good person and we have a very long conversation but that is not prove everything is fine. The smooth rods come with the printer slightly bigger than usual. a few micron just enough to spoil everything. we say that because we need to order a new rods from another supplier which take another 2 weeks of waiting.  So the bearing stuck on rods. The funny thing is seller just ask me to put the butter on the rod to make it smooth. Yes if that is the only problem. The rods is also shorter so we can't install the rod in place. Here is some photos we take along the process to make it work. We use wood toner for main frame. Here in malaysia 90% of humidity is our everyday life.

A laser cut for this printer is superb and very accurate. 

The electronic is also good. but we need to download a firmware ourselve. It come with Arduino mega 2560, Ramp 1.4, LCD, stepper, hot bed, mk7 extruder and all the harness.  

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